Henry Goettsch, 18611931 (aged 70 years)

Henry /Goettsch/
Given names
Birth April 12, 1861 24 21
Birth of a sisterEmma Goettsch
February 16, 1863 (aged 1 year)
Birth of a brotherWilliamGoettsch
1864 (aged 2 years)

Birth of a sisterMina Goettsch
1866 (aged 4 years)
Birth of a brotherRudolphGoettsch
November 1869 (aged 8 years)
Birth of a brotherGeorge Goettsch
April 4, 1870 (aged 8 years)
Birth of a sisterLauraGoettsch
January 28, 1875 (aged 13 years)
Birth of a sisterOlga Göttsch
July 20, 1876 (aged 15 years)
Death of a sisterOlga Göttsch
March 23, 1878 (aged 16 years)
Note: Olga's head stone is broken and is in need of restoration. It was found leaning against a headstone in an adjacent plot. A small lower-portion of the headstone containing the date of death is located near the Hans and Anna's family marker, and is below the surface of the ground and leaning in such a manner as one can only feel the date of death with ones finger tips.
Birth of a brotherEdward BGoettsch
July 12, 1879 (aged 18 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherCatharina Gotsch
1880 (aged 18 years)

MarriageAugusta StrickerView this family
December 18, 1888 (aged 27 years)
Birth of a sonEdward H Goettsch
June 3, 1889 (aged 28 years)

Birth of a sonCarl E Goettsch
February 3, 1891 (aged 29 years)

Birth of a daughterRhoda P Goettsch
July 24, 1893 (aged 32 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJoachim Schlapkohl
August 22, 1894 (aged 33 years)
Birth of a daughterSelma V Goettsch
September 14, 1895 (aged 34 years)

Birth of a daughterWilhelmina H Goettsch
January 6, 1898 (aged 36 years)

Birth of a sonWalter H Goettsch
November 12, 1900 (aged 39 years)

Birth of a daughterAnnetta Verona Goettsch
October 12, 1905 (aged 44 years)

Death of a motherAnna Schlapkohl
February 23, 1907 (aged 45 years)
Death of a fatherHans A Göttsch
November 1, 1910 (aged 49 years)
Address: One of the family members of Henry Goettsch, recalls the story of Hans Goettsch, visiting Holstein Iowa for the first time, getting sick, going to the hospital and passing away. The Ida County Courthouse Death Index Records shows a recordfor Hans Goettsch and a death date of 1 Nov, 1910 lending credence to this story. http://www.rootsweb.com/~iaida/ctdein/g.htm James M Fulford
Death of a sisterEmma Goettsch
October 6, 1917 (aged 56 years)
Death September 7, 1931 (aged 70 years)
Address: buried in Holstein Cemetery, Holstein, Iowa
Family with parents
Birth: March 23, 1837 46 35Gatersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: November 1, 1910Holstein, Ida County, Iowa
Birth: July 17, 1839 33 34Stakendorf, Germany
Death: February 23, 1907Iowa
Marriage Marriage1860
16 months
Birth: April 12, 1861 24 21Scott County, Iowa
Death: September 7, 1931Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, IA
23 months
younger sister
23 months
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
Birth: 1866 28 26New Liberty, Iowa
Death: January 25, 1946Rock County
4 years
younger brother
Birth: November 1869 32 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: November 28, 1950Yellow Medicine, Minnesota
5 months
younger brother
Birth: April 4, 1870 33 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: October 23, 1931Minneapolis, Minnesota
5 years
younger sister
18 months
younger sister
Birth: July 20, 1876 39 37New Liberty, Iowa
Death: March 23, 1878New Liberty, Iowa
3 years
younger brother
Birth: July 12, 1879 42 39New Liberty, Iowa
Death: 1946
Family with Augusta Stricker
Birth: April 12, 1861 24 21Scott County, Iowa
Death: September 7, 1931Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, IA
Marriage MarriageDecember 18, 1888Ida County
6 months
20 months
3 years
Birth: July 24, 1893 32 27Ida County, Iowa
Death: March 26, 1956Ida Grove Hospital, Ida Grove, Iowa
2 years
Birth: September 14, 1895 34 29
Death: January 24, 1988Holstein, Ida, Iowa
2 years
3 years
5 years
Birth: October 12, 1905 44 39
Death: February 12, 2002Holstein, Ida County, Iowa

*Henry and Augusta Goettsch -- *Henry and others came from Scott County in eastern Iowa in 1879 before the town of Holstein existed. They came on the railroad as far as they could; then they continued with teams of horses and wagons to Ida County, where they homesteaded their land. The purpose of this immigration was to "break the land" as they called it. They stayed only during the summer months, when they lived in shanties and earth dug-outs. One of the other settlers was Jurgen Thede, whose granddaughter, Lillian Thede, later married Henry's son Walter. Henry told his children about breaking land in Sections 14, 20, and 22 in Griggs Township.

Henry Goettsch was born April 12, 1861, in Scott County, Iowa to Hans and Anna Slopkole Goettsch. On December 19,1888, he married Augusta Stricker, daughter of Christian and Wilhelmina Stricker. She was born at Tama County, Iowa, May 27, 1866. They farmed rented land for several years, and in 1891 they bought 240 acres in Section 20 of Griggs Township, where they farmed until their retirement in 1916. Henry passed away September 7, 1931: Augusta passed away March 12,1949.

Henry and Augusta were the parents of seven children: Edward (June 3, 1889 - March 3, 1960): Carl (February 3, 1891 - July 14, 1975), married to Minnie Schlichting: Rhoda, Mrs. Hans Rohlk (July 24, 1893 - March 26, 1956): Selma, Mrs. Emil Ehler (September 14, 1895 - 1988 ): Minnie, Mrs Vern Bryson (January 6 1898 - July 11 1966): Walter (November 12, 1900 - 1984): and Annetta, Mrs. LeRoy Thomsen (October 12, 1905 - February 12, 2002).

By Lillian and Walter Goettsch and Selma Ehler 1982 *

Holstein Centennial Book 1882-1982 by Yates, Corrine-Editor

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Note: The Henry Goettsch Family about 1909.

The Henry Goettsch Family about 1909. Left to right, back row: Minnie, Carl, Rhoda, Edward & Selma. Front row: Father (Henry), Walter (in front of Walter) Annetta & Mother (Augusta)

Photos and their notes of Henry Goettsch and his family, were provided by Marjorie Goettsch Johnson and her daughter Ann Crume.

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Note: The Henry Goettsch Family about 1887.
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Note: Henry's Farmstead as it looks in July 2011.

Henry's Farmstead as it looks in July 2011. Lat/Lon 42.517509,-95.599434

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Note: This is the retirement house that Henry and August…

This is the retirement house that Henry and Augusta built in the town of Holstein Iowa where they lived for 16 years. Photo July 2011.

Address about: 195 Davenport Street, Holstein IA