RudolphGoettsch, 18691950 (aged 81 years)

Given names
Birth November 1869 32 30
MarriageAnna RoehlkView this family

Birth of a brotherGeorge Goettsch
April 4, 1870 (aged 5 months)
Birth of a sisterLauraGoettsch
January 28, 1875 (aged 5 years)
Birth of a sisterOlga Göttsch
July 20, 1876 (aged 6 years)
Death of a sisterOlga Göttsch
March 23, 1878 (aged 8 years)
Note: Olga's head stone is broken and is in need of restoration. It was found leaning against a headstone in an adjacent plot. A small lower-portion of the headstone containing the date of death is located near the Hans and Anna's family marker, and is below the surface of the ground and leaning in such a manner as one can only feel the date of death with ones finger tips.
Birth of a brotherEdward BGoettsch
July 12, 1879 (aged 9 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherCatharina Gotsch
1880 (aged 10 years)

Death of a maternal grandfatherJoachim Schlapkohl
August 22, 1894 (aged 24 years)
Birth of a sonRaymond G Goettsch
November 2, 1894 (aged 25 years)
Birth of a sonRowland H Goettsch
December 24, 1895 (aged 26 years)
Death of a motherAnna Schlapkohl
February 23, 1907 (aged 37 years)
Birth of a sonReleigh R Goettsch
January 16, 1909 (aged 39 years)
Death of a fatherHans A Göttsch
November 1, 1910 (aged 41 years)
Address: One of the family members of Henry Goettsch, recalls the story of Hans Goettsch, visiting Holstein Iowa for the first time, getting sick, going to the hospital and passing away. The Ida County Courthouse Death Index Records shows a recordfor Hans Goettsch and a death date of 1 Nov, 1910 lending credence to this story. James M Fulford
Death of a sisterEmma Goettsch
October 6, 1917 (aged 47 years)
Marriage of a childRowland H GoettschNoraMathildaView this family
1922 (aged 52 years)

Death of a brotherHenry Goettsch
September 7, 1931 (aged 61 years)
Address: buried in Holstein Cemetery, Holstein, Iowa
Death of a brotherGeorge Goettsch
October 23, 1931 (aged 61 years)
Death of a sonRaymond G Goettsch
March 12, 1936 (aged 66 years)
Death of a sisterLauraGoettsch
October 9, 1939 (aged 69 years)

Death of a brotherWilliamGoettsch
1943 (aged 73 years)

Note: Article written in the Luverne Star Herald:

Article written in the Luverne Star Herald:

Mr & Mrs William Goettsch celebrated their 50th Anniversary with members of their family and friends. They were united in marriage in Davenport, Iowa February 19, 1889. They spent their first five years farming in Cedar County, Iowa before coming to Rock County Minnesota. They farmed northwest quarter of section 35 Springwater Township. They retired on October 08, 1919 and moved to 218 North Freeman Ave Luverne. There children of whom all were present at the Golden Wedding: Mrs Hilda Stroeh of Hills, Mrs Elsie Jarchow of Blue Mound Township, Mrs Anna Noll of Springwater Township, Mrs Verona Colby of Long Beach, California and Harry Goettsch of Venice Ca. At that time they had fourteen grand children.

There were 9 children in William's family a sister and two brothers were still living at that time they were Mrs L J Jarchow Luverne, Rudolph Goettsch, Canby and Edward Goettsch in Davenport, Iowa.

William had been working on his car in the garage and was found unconscious on the floor of the garage. The car was running and the garage was filled with the deadly fumes. The doctor was unable to revive him.

Provided by Mavis and Jim Jarchow.

Death of a sisterMina Goettsch
January 25, 1946 (aged 76 years)
Death of a brotherEdward BGoettsch
1946 (aged 76 years)

Death November 28, 1950 (aged 81 years)
Family with parents
Birth: March 23, 1837 46 35Gatersdorf in Probstei Schleswig-Holstein
Death: November 1, 1910Holstein, Ida County, Iowa
Birth: July 17, 1839 33 34Stakendorf, Germany
Death: February 23, 1907Iowa
Marriage Marriage1860
16 months
elder brother
Birth: April 12, 1861 24 21Scott County, Iowa
Death: September 7, 1931Lutheran Hospital, Sioux City, IA
23 months
elder sister
23 months
elder brother
3 years
elder sister
Birth: 1866 28 26New Liberty, Iowa
Death: January 25, 1946Rock County
4 years
Birth: November 1869 32 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: November 28, 1950Yellow Medicine, Minnesota
5 months
younger brother
Birth: April 4, 1870 33 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: October 23, 1931Minneapolis, Minnesota
5 years
younger sister
18 months
younger sister
Birth: July 20, 1876 39 37New Liberty, Iowa
Death: March 23, 1878New Liberty, Iowa
3 years
younger brother
Birth: July 12, 1879 42 39New Liberty, Iowa
Death: 1946
Family with Anna Roehlk
Birth: November 1869 32 30New Liberty, Iowa
Death: November 28, 1950Yellow Medicine, Minnesota
Birth: December 17, 1874 33 23
Death: February 19, 1968Yellow Medicine County
Marriage Marriage
Birth: November 2, 1894 25 19Iowa
Death: March 12, 1936MN
14 months
Birth: December 24, 1895 26 21Iowa
Death: May 23, 1969Yellow Medicine, Minnesota
13 years

Farmer - Leased farm source 1920 census


Hello Jim, Sorry I am so slow getting back to you but I wanted to double check with the Holstein Centennial book to make sure my memory and the dates worked together. I was excited to see this picnic picture of the Goettsch family. I don't remember my parents talking about all the extended family.

I can add a few names to faces in the picture. I am #64 Donna Goettsch Willems sitting on my mother's lap. #65 is Lois Goettsch Fouts daughter of Walter and Lillian Goettsch. Her husband is #7 Harley Fouts. #59 is Alan Kuchel son of Winnie and Lowell Kuchel who is #7. Alan was born Sept. 21, 1947. His sister Linda was born April 29, 1950. I too believe this picture was taken in 1948. #66 is Bruce Klotz son of Lois and Clifton Klotz. He was born December 6, 1947. Sorry I can't be of help in identifying more of the people in the picture.

I guess this would be a shot in the dark looking for a living relative of Edward B. Goettsch. Have you tried to find a living relative of Ralph's wife Hilda Henry whose parents were listed in the obit. as Laurent Henry maybe from Dixon, Ill. A relative of hers might know what happened to the rest of Edward's family.

Let me know if this has been any help to you.

As Always, Donna Willems

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Photos of Rudolph and his family were provided by Ronald R Goettsch.

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Best guess is summer of 1948.

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Note: This copy of the photo is numbered to assist in id…

This copy of the photo is numbered to assist in identifications.

Identifications by Ronald R Goettsch: 19 Rowland Goettsch 51 Goettsch, Ronald Ray 52 Goettsch, Nora Palm Goettsch (wife of Rowland) 54 Goettsch, Keith Howard 55 Geottsch, Rudolph - Guest of Honor 58 Geottsch, Anna Roehlk - Guest of Honor

Identifications by Jim Jarchow: 08 Stroh, John 12 Jarchow, Edward 15 Noll, Louie 16 Noll, Annie Goettsch 17 Jarchow, Elsie Goettsch 21 Stroh, Hilda Goettsch 29 Sjolseth, Bob 30 Sjolseth, Marlys Stroh 33 Colby, Verona Goettsch ? 35 Jackson, Lucretia Colby ?

Identifications by Larry Grill and Erma Grill:

  1. Walter Goettsch
  2. Ed Goettsch
  3. Carl Goettsch
  4. John Ehlers
  5. Minnie (Mrs. Carl) Goettsch
  6. Hans Rohlk (My Grandfather)
  7. Annetta Thompsen (Mother's aunt)
  8. Elsie Micheel (Henry and Emma G Rohlk's daughter) 19 Harold Rohlk (son of Henry and Emma Goettsch Rohlk)
  9. Annie (Mrs. Ed) Goettsch
  10. Minnie Goettsch Bryson
  11. Anne (Mrs. Ed) Rohlk 25 Ed Rohlk (Henry and Emma's son)
  12. Hilda (Mrs Harold) Rohlk
  13. Lillian (Mrs. Walter) Goettsch
  14. Lillian Dahms (Henry and Emma Rohlk's daughter) ?
  15. Rhoda Goettsch Rohlk (My Grandmother)
  16. Esther Rohlk Ehlers (My Aunt)
  17. Robert Dahms
  18. Leroy Thompsen
  19. Earl Goettsch
  20. Florence Rohlk (My Aunt)
  21. Clifton Klotz
  22. Hugo Micheel
  23. Loretta Ehlers
  24. Howard Ehlers
  25. Robert Ehlers
  26. Bill Ehlers
  27. Linda Kuchel (daughter of Winifred)
  28. Winifred Rohlk Kuchel
  29. Norma (Mrs. Earl) Goettsch
  30. Alan Kuchel (son of Winifred) ?
  31. Lois Rohlk Klotz

Identifications by Donna Williams #7 Lowell Kuchel #59 Alan Kuchel son of Winnie and Lowell Kuchel who is #7 #44 Harley Fouts #64 Donna Goettsch #65 Lois Goettsch Fouts daughter of Walter and Lillian Goettsch #66 is Bruce Klotz son of Lois and Clifton Klotz

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